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Elisa Wynnter | Chairperson

Elisa has over 10 years of management experience with 3 years spent in upper-level business operations. She has facilitated and maintained client relations across multiple regions, including intercontinental partnerships. Her strengths are in communication, planning, and project management.

Elisa has been an active participant in spiritual communities for 16 years and a facilitator for interfaith dialogue and communication for 12. She’s been a metaphysical practitioner since 2010 and devoted to Heathenry in 2016.

Sion Cai | Information Officer

Sion has been working in IT Security and Networking for the past 6 years. They are adept at the setup and maintenance of Virtual and Cloud Services, with a special focus on information management and IT security. Additionally, Sion has over 19 years of experience in office operations management for both non-profit and corporate entities, as well as ensuring State and Federal compliance for their own business. Sion is very passionate about information preservation and how it can enrich lives. Sion has been a solitary Heathen for over 19 years and a practicing Pagan since 1992. Their craft includes fiber arts and other homesteading crafts to honor their Gods.

Cassandra Cordova | Development and Planning Director

Cassandra has been working in non-profit development for 4 years. She spent 3 years working for The Delores Project; a homeless shelter for women and transgender individuals. During her time at the Delores Project, she and her team raised and managed a 1-million-dollar budget. Today she works at the Chinook Fund, which supports grassroots organizations working on issues of social and economic justice. Cassandra is a Chicana and native to Colorado. She practices a blend of Aztec rooted Paganism and Norse Heathenry.

Nonir Amicitia | Media and Publications Director

Nonir has over 10 years of experience in professional media production and writing. They are a published author and editor of non-fiction, fiction, and poetry. Nonir has also professionally written for a variety of online publications in addition to writing and co-hosting for podcasts.

For the last 8 years, Nonir has worked in Cancer Awareness as the Social Media Manager and Content Creator for a campaign in Colorado. Additionally, Nonir is the owner of Wandering Jotun Crafts; a business devoted to supporting and uplifting marginalized communities through art and spiritual services.

Casey McCarthy, MA, LPCC | Community Outreach Director

Casey has 12 years of experience in professional networking and communications. He has worked to facilitate and maintain partnerships between various sized companies and their partners across various fields and regions. He also has 10 years of experience in clinical psychology, and has worked closely with victims of violence, abuse, and extremist ideologies.

As a specialist in his field, he has worked to bring awareness to the effects of violent extremism in the Heathen community, contributing to articles in publications such as Vice, The Wild Hunt, and to support such groups as Life After Hate. Casey is a long-time practicing Heathen and Ceremonial Consultant, and he has extensive experience in both providing and facilitating spiritual services.

Shen Knightly | Art and Merchandise Director

Shen is a lifelong artist, writer, and creator who is professionally trained in the Fine Arts. They have 8 years of art-based teaching experience and have spent the past 3 years in the web and graphic design industry. Their professional work involves optimizing the brand image of companies and marketing firms.

Due to their creative bent, Shen blends their metaphysical and spiritual practices with art and writing, bringing to life Norse-inspired folklore in their craft. Finding connection to the figures of Norse Mythology in this manner, Shen officially devoted to Heathenry in 2017.